Friday, January 9, 2009

Wash Day

Since I was inside today I decided to wash all of the sheets and blankets. I love fresh clean sheets and find myself changing my bed several times a week. I once read where Jackie Kennedy had her bed linens changed twice a day! I will never become that obsessive about it! But, there is nothing so wonderful as freshly laundered sheets on a bed after a long hard day! I discovered many years ago the wonderful feeling of high thread count sheets. I know they are expensive but the more you wash them the better they get. I will never do without that little luxury again!
Be sure and stop by tomorrow. I am participating in Pink Saturday for the first time! Cant wait to see all of the pink posts tomorrow!
Have a happy day.


Belinda said...

Oh, the smell and feel of line dried linens...Heavenly! :-)

Jody Blue said...

Did you really hang them out to dry? Not possible here this time of year it was -2 this a.m. when my two boys headed off to school.

Angela said...

Way back when I was a newlywed, 17 yrs ago, a little old lady at a store I was in told me about the thread count on sheets. May the Sweet Little Old Lady be Blessed by the Great Almighty Lord for telling me about thread counts!!! I will never ever go back to the 200 thread counts. I have a king size bed and I don't care how much they cost they are worth it. My kids don't even sleep on the low thread count sheets! I just couldn't do that to them! lol
I can't hang mine out to dry though, way to many bugs, birds and pollen.
Take care,

Angela said...

Oh, I forgot to say that I love clean sheets. I would change them everyday if I had the time!