Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Must Read Books

 I am a lover of books! I like my Kindle and I use it occasionally, but you just cannot beat an old fashioned book with real pages to turn, the way it feels in your hands and the smell of fresh inked pages. I discovered Nancy Turner last year while pursuing Amazon (photos courtesy of Amazon). I love history and anything related to quilts so the cover of Sarah's Quilt just drew me in. Oh, what a treat they were! If you have time this spring, you must pick up a copy and be prepared to spend the whole weekend reading this wonderful story of a brave woman who travels the Oregon trail to begin a new life.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

A New Year, Looking Forward!

 I cannot believe it has been an entire year since my last post! I resolve to do better in the future. Many changes have taken place this past year, including the addition of this lovely little lady to our family. Meet little Calli Anna. She makes grand number 8 and is the first little girl to arrive among all the boys in our group. She is quickly being spoiled to pieces.
 I have been busy as a bee working on quilts this year. I finally made a swoon quilt. It was a group effort by the ladies at work for a fundraiser. The quilt raised over $500!
 I finished this UFO around May of this year and love it. Why didn't I buy more Sweet water Hometown when it first came out??
 I worked on this cute little baby quilt for a dear friend who had her first baby this year, loved all of the 1930's patterns!
 This quilt was supposed to be a chevron quilt. Somewhere, somehow I managed to sew it together completely wrong, but in the end it worked out after taking it all apart!
 This is Calli's baby quilt I made with the Little Red Riding Hood fabric. I had alot of fun making this one and hoping to revisit this pattern soon. Somewhere around July, I decided to make all of the kids a quilt for Christmas. That means 7 quilts in 5 months.I sewed like crazy every chance I got and did get them all pieced. The lady who does the long arm quilting did not finish with them in time for Christmas day, but they all ended up with one eventually. I will post pictures next time of the Christmas quilting. I am most thankful to have this wonderful man in my life. He gave me quite a scare last February! After a triple bypass and rehabilitation to get his strength back, he has recovered and doing great. Thank you for your kind emails and many prayers for my husband. We have had a long year and life is settling back down for the first time in 13 months. I received a promotion in July and was able to obtain a position in my company that is not as stressful as the nurse managers job was. I am now Director of Case management for the hospital! I have more free time at home with Donnie, for which I am so thankful. We actually had time to take a vacation to the beach this year and relaxed for a week. I graduated in May and have decided to stop there for awhile. I plan to focus on family this year and take some time to enjoy the grandchildren. Donnie and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary this year, we took a trip to Tybee Island  and Savannah for a week. It was lovely and wishing we could go back again this summer. If you have never visited that part of our country take time to do so, what a lovely area!
Have a wonderful week!