Sunday, September 26, 2010

50Th Anniversary

Dont you just love the Andy Griffith Show? I love this show and have since I was a kid. TV Land is celebrating the 50 th anniversary with back to back shows. Andy is the father everyone wishes they had. Loyal, kind,wise and good. An upright man who always does the right thing even when it hurts.
Opie is just too cute. I have always longed to live in a community where your children could play outside in the fresh air and ride their bikes without fear.

But, Aunt Bea is my favorite! She is the epitome of all that is gracious and good in a homemaker. Her pearls are gorgeous and her hair just right. Even after a long day of baking and shopping for her home. Take time to watch a few of the re-runs. I know you will walk away feeling better about everything, with a good chuckle to boot!


Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Wonderful Weekend

AHHHH! I have had such a great weekend. My grandson, spent the morning with me yesterday. He was such a trooper! I had to grocery shop and run errands, and he was very patient with me. After we returned home, he spent the morning dazzling me with his new writing and spelling skills(he is6). We looked at Halloween decorations and decided that we would go for the autumn look rather than the scary pumpkin look.
I bought sunflowers and arrranged them in an old galvanized watering can on the sun porch. Drug out some fall decor and fluffed and puffed the living and dining room. I still have a way to go, but at least its a start!

I was sidetracked, by my new Barefoot Contessa cookbook and just couldnt wait to look at it. As a result, I have spent two days cooking non stop! Yesterday, I made Chicken alfredo with penna pasta, salad and some fabulous bread I discovered called Rosemary Potato bread. It is wonderfully fragrant and very tasty. This morning I got up at the crack of dawn and had a great frittata made for the family. My daughter just looked at me and asked what time did you get up? It was really easy and went together fast. After that I made a apple and pear crisp for dessert tonight. Now, I am grilling some steak and throwing together a salad. I am going to make some mashed potatoes instead of baked and add some onion and chive cream cheese. Hopefully they will be delicious! Have I mentioned that I am addicted to Food Network? I tape my favorites to watch over the weekend. Ina Garten is one of the best. I love how easy her recipes are and so delicious. She will be on a book tour this fall, stopping Dallas for a book signing. I would love to go!!!! But, I have to work that day!
Have a great week, love all of the wonderful blog posts this week. It seems everyone is really inspired to transform their homes for fall.


Thursday, September 9, 2010


Im so ready for cooler weather! We have had 3 days this week in the low 90's, which is a treat for us. Can wait for a nip in the weather! I love sitting out in the mornings with a nice cup of tea and planning my day. Have a great Friday!