Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday Dinner

I love Barefoot Contessa! She has such a wonderful show on Food network. I usually try to tape all of the episodes and watch them on my day off. It always puts me in the mood to cook something wonderful. I was inspired this morning to jump out of bed and get started baking bread and frying chicken. We will have a good ole southern Sunday dinner today. Fried Chicken, whipped potatoes, homemade rolls, salad and italian green beans. YUM! Oh and I cant forget the gravy. Gotta have gravy too.
Look at this yummy chocolate cake! I made a chocolate pie this morning for our lunch, but this cake looks delish!

I really, really, really want this cookbook. It was on my Christmas wish list, but somehow it must have been overlooked. Well, it goes back on the list for next year, or maybe Mother's Day!

Isn't this just lovely. Ina is always having alfresco affairs on her show. Something I cannot do here very often. If it is the least bit warm outside the mosquitoes come out in droves . I love the idea of having a luncheon outside with guest wandering around looking at my magnificent water gardens and blooming flowers in a well cultivated bed. This is just a fantasy of course, my guest would probably trip over a sweet gum ball that is covering my yard right now. And the flower bed is a quagmire of weeds and tree roots that must be removed before I can plant this spring.

Oh, and I forgot to mention I really, really, really want this cookbook also! It too, was missed on my list this year. HMMM....I guess my family thinks I can do without new cookbooks. Maybe it's because I already have so many?????? But, I could make some new spectacular treats for them with just a little bit of inspiration! I know I could!
I also wish I had an outdoor kitchen area to grill and cook in. Maybe with a fireplace for my guest to sit by and enjoy a nice glass of wine, while I am slaving over the grill, working my magic. Twinkle lights casting a soft glow and nice candles flickering in the moonlight.
Well, I can wish and dream. Right now I have to get back to cooking Sunday dinner!
A great big thank you to everyone who visited me on Pink Saturday! I will be participating again next week. Wish there was a day devoted red. I could really get into that! Loved all of the comments and so happy that you took the time to leave one. Don't forget that this Friday I will be posting my very first giveaway! I have been searching for some cute things to send to you!
Have a happy day. Remember this is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice! And be happy!



Anonymous said...

I like Ina too. Have a Happy Sunday!

FeeBeeKay said...

Your blog is always so uplifting - you are a real ray of sunshine on a cold Northern Irish winter night!

I have never heard of this Barefoot Lady before but will be sure to look her up. Am a Nigella Lawson fan here - she's the UK Domestic Goddess - and my inspiration to have a go at things I wouldn't otherwise try!

Have a great week Lorri!

FeeBeeKay & Baby Kay x

The Cottage In The Curve said...

I'm fortunate enough to have a sunroom. I can grill out and we can sit in there. I love it. These cooking shows never show the bugs do they. LOL

I can't believe the weekend is nearly gone. I had such a good time at the flea market yesterday. I'll have to get John to take me back. I don't remember how to get there. When the warm weather returns all the outside vendors will be there. Can't wait.

Hope you have a blessed week. Hugs

^..^ Corgidogmama ^..^ said...

Barefoot Contessa is my ultimate favorite food network show.
I am lucky enough to have that cookbook. Bought it for myself on Amazon. The back to basics one looks like a good one too. Am happy with that new theme of hers. Foods aren't so fancy, and more down home.
Her whole lifestyle intrigues me.

Angela said...

I love Ina. If I had to choose between Ina and Martha I would choose Ina! I think Ina and I could be best buds! lol I like the food she cooks a lot better than Martha's. I have tried a couple of things that Martha made on her show and my husband said every time you make something from Martha's show it isn't any good. Just ask poor ole Santa last year. His cookies from Martha tasted like playdough! lol I don't have any of Ina's cookbooks. I usually just go online to get a recipe that she makes on the show. I also love Paula Deen. And let's not forget those boys of hers. If I wasn't married! lol
I also would like to have the porch with the grill and fireplace. I can't get my husband to draw out the plans for it. Because once the plans get drawn it will be made!
Take Care,

The Vintage Housewife... said...

hello sister...i wanna come to dinner....ooooh it looks so good...yummy southern hospitality! thanks for swingin' by my place...can't wait to

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Lorri; Well I sure hope you get your cook books. My daughter Chas loves cook books too, she has lots and uses them. Your dreaming sounds like I am working on getting my back yard like my dream. Your fried chicken sounds so yummy.


EileenandKaren@forgetmenotdreams said...

Yum! Love her cooking too! Thanks for visiting our blog!

Anonymous said...

I really like Ina - everything she makes looks amazing-

You have a lovely blog. Nice to 'meet' you :)


Nantucket Karen said...

Hi Lorri!
Believe it or not, I found those pink lamp shades at "Pottery Barn Kids"! I've even found adorable window treatments for my kitchen that I bought there!
I'm an Ina Garten fanatic!! I have all of her cookbooks except the new one. My favorite is the one you don't have, the family one. I've used it so much that I can barely read the recipes any more. She's THE BEST and I need to get TIVO so I too, can tape her show on Food Network!

at the cottage said...

What a lovely blog. So cheerful and pretty. I love watching the Barefoot Contessa :)