Thursday, January 8, 2009

Little Pink Cottages

I just love thatched cottages. There is something so nostalgic and wonderful about the way they look. They have the whole Hansel and Gretal look to them. Close your eyes and just imagine living in a pink thatched cottage. Cant you just smell the wonderful baking that must come from it. And the shiny wood floors. Lacy white curtains adorning the windows and maybe a dutch door off the kitchen looking out over an herb garden.
Of course no cottage is complete without a white picket fence with a gate leading to the front door. Open the screen door and it will surely creak. A wonderful porch to sit on in the evenings, watching the fireflies light up.

A pink house is a true statement. It says to the world. I am special! I am cared for! I am loved! It speaks of a life that is slower. Where women take time out each day to enjoy a wonderful cup of tea. To prune the roses, and make a bouquet for the dining room table.

I love the porch on this house. The trim is wonderful. Inside of me there is a pink house. There are special rituals I do each day that are just for me. Special things that I splurge on that make me feel special. Take time for yourself ladies and make your special time count.

This reminds me of my grandmother. She was an extraordinary woman who cared for her children, home, husband and worked a full time job all of her life. She was an artist, seamstress, but she really would shine in the garden. Her herbs were always fresh, she grew all of her vegetables for canning. But she always made room for beauty in her life. She lived in a very small 4 room house. It was decorated with things that were created by her. She never threw anything away so she always had plenty of craft stash to work with. Her garden would have looked like this. She really knew how to smell the roses.
This week I will be participating in my first Pink Saturday! I hope you will stop by. I have several new things to share with you!
Thanks to everyone who sent well wishes. I feel fine and will be up early tomorrow to go treasure hunting!


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Hi Lorri,
I have been slowly reading your blog trying to find more of your interests for the Valentine Swap. It's definitely going to be so fun! :) I love these pink cottages. I agree, the pink is a tell-tale sign that a lovely woman is inside caring for this beautiful home. :)
I read about your recent surgery, and I hope you are feeling much better. I hope you are finding things you can eat, as well!

Sabina said...

Little pink houses - love it!!

Corgidogmama~ said...

Lorri, hope your better today. Time heals all...?
Love all those pink houses, they must have secure men living in them, LOL! Wanted to share that I have a giveaway going on, please enter, and spread the word!

Susan said...

Love the little pink cottages...and they look like they have so many wonderful stories to tell!

FeeBeeKay said...

I always love reading your posts Lorri, they are so thoughtful and interesting, and I always seem to go away with my head full of little things to think about and ponder. Hope you're feeling better sweetie!


Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Hi Lorri,
What cute pink houses. What I like the most though is the way you talk about your Grandmother. How sweet! I bet her home was just charming like your memories. Have fun hunting for treasures, can't to hear what you find!