Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ive Been Tagged

I am woefully behind on reading my favorite blogs due to this head cold I have. So I am a little late posting this. I have been tagged by http//feebeekay-ok.blogspot.com/. FeeBee has a wonderful little blog across the ocean, go visit her when you can. OK, the rules are to go to the 4th folder on your computer, pick the 4th photo and explain what it is. This is a picture of Donnie and I at the Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We had travelled there on a motorcycle with a group of our friends for a bike rally. This is one of our favorite destinations in the world.
This is also the hotel where we were married last October. We had been there so many times visiting the grounds, but had never stayed there until our honeymoon. The Crescent Hotel is supposed to be haunted! It has been featured on America's Most Haunted Places. They have ghost tours and lots of people in the hallways taking pictures, hoping to capture an image or an orb. While we were there, several ghost tours came through, with a tour guide. I did not see anything while I was there and our friends did not. But, there was a lady in the lobby who stated she had been sitting on the sofa, when her glass of water started spinning around! Glad it wasn't me, not sure I could have slept in the room. LOL...oh well it brings in lots of tourists and we had a great time. The grounds are spectacular, with fountains and numerous flower gardens. There is a stone chapel on the grounds and so many other things. You can visit it on the Eureka Springs Website. Lovely place to visit.
Hope everyone is having a good day. I am curled up on the sofa watching a movie and sneezing my head off. Sweetie, came home for lunch and built me a roaring fire to keep me warm. It is about 35 degrees here. For Texas that is COLD! So I am keeping warm and nursing my cold. Have a wonderful day!

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FeeBeeKay said...

I am so glad I tagged you - I love your photo and the story behind it! I didn't realise you were a biker chick!! You seem like such a sedate and elegant lady from your blog! You photo is lovely, I hope posting it brought back happy Honeymoon memories!