Sunday, May 30, 2010

Paula Deen Furniture

Girls, did ya know that Paula Deen has a furniture line? I just discovered it yesterday while shopping. I just love love love it. The pieces are so casual and have a wonderful old southern cottage feel to them.
They are quite pricey and out of my modest budget, but I can get some great ideas from them!

Love this piece. The store we were in yesterday had this in black. The drawers all pull out and create a ton of nice storage. Such a versatile item. Could be used in any room! What do ya think????


Cute As Pie!

Hey Ya'll
Cute as Pie just bought a new cottage! We couldn't be happier about it. My home sold in February and we have closed on it, so when we found our new home it just clicked! The home is in a very well established neighborhood on a great lot. The yard is bigger than I would like to have but it sure does make hubby happy! My swimming pool, covered patio, hot tub makes me and Annie very happy. The house is darling. The previous owner has a good eye for style and the colors are very close to my own taste. There is just not much I have to do but move in. DID I mention I will be 10 minutes from my job versus 45 minutes????? Oh yes, that is a wonderful wonderful thing girls! I can even go home for lunch if I wanted to. The floor plan is great very open, not alot of wasted space. Closets galore, new updates. I think it will be wonderful. There is even a little sandbox area with a covered umbrella so that my grandsons can play in the dirt, I can dunked them in the pool to clean them and send em right back home!!!!
Mr is a little nervous due to the fact he has lived in the same house for 25 years. He hasn't fully related to my gypsy blood, when I was a little girl we moved every year. I cant wait to get going. Half of the fun for me is the new atmosphere. It is the Laura Ingall's spirit in me wanting to reach out for a new land(or house in this case).
We will close in 30 days and then the fun begins, cant wait to post the new house pictures and all of the ideas that are flying around in my head.!!!!!!!
Have a Happy memorial Day weekend!


Sunday, May 23, 2010

New House??

Hi Yall,
We just looked at a new home today and my mind is just whirling with possibilities! The home is closer to work, has a swimming pool (which I really miss, my last home had one). Decorated in cottage style(which I love), in older neighborhood (this is a plus), larger yard(may be a problem at our age),I would be 3 miles from work instead of 45 min, close to college for my daughter, all of my kids live in this area, and my grandkids! We would have to buy this one, move , paint our old one and sell it. What do ya think????? Hubby is a little apprehensive, but he is very cautious anyway. I have sold my home, so we currently do not have a house payment. We would save money in the long run and lots of time commuting Taxes in this area are more expensive, but think of the money we would save in gas for my daughter and I( we both travel each day to work and school). Ok, can yall think of anything else???THIS may be a hard sell to a man with no house payment..LOL. Let me hear back from ya!!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Days Are Here!

Hello friends! What a busy week I have had. Today, we spent the majority of the afternoon buying plants for the front flower beds. I wished I had some before photos to show you of the mess I inherited when I married last year! It literally looked like a jungle in the front beds. My wonderful step- son Mat, worked his magic and cleared it all out for me this past week. We leveled the ground added some more soil and paver's to make 4 smaller beds. Today, we planted an assortment of herbs, flowers and ground cover. I still need to add some architectural elements in and a little whimsy. But it is shaping up nicely. The bed closest to the kitchen is filled with rosemary, chives, thyme, dill,and lavender. I had some cute bunny's and added them in the mix with a vintage watering can. It looks like Peter Rabbit is right at home now!
Next weekend, will be canton week and I plan to take off for the day and shop for more ideas to bring it all together. The front porch has a huge wrought iron bakers rack sitting by the front door and I have added several old baskets, watering cans and clay pots to fill it up. I bought 3 hanging baskets today and they are situated across the front porch on hooks. I just cant wait to finish it and post some new pictures for you to see.
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend. We are spending our Sunday with dear friends for fellowship, just cant wait to visit with them all. Have a wonderful week!


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sisters on the Fly

Howdy ladies! Well, it has been a crazy month here at the cottage. Finals, prom, selling the house, you name it has happened. I am in need of some serious chillin time! What better way to get rid of the stress that to visit with the sisters! Irene Rawling's new book which features Sisters on the Fly is now available through I intend to sit this weekend and soak up the colorful pictures that are in this wonderful book. Many daring adventures are depicted and will surely make you want to dust off your boots and have some cowgirl fun! I have two campers and need to get out there and get them decorated so that I can hit the road. Have a great day!


Saturday, May 1, 2010

It's Prom Night!

Well, the day has finally arrived! Her very first prom and she is soooo excited about going. Hair appoinment, nail appoinment, eyebrow appoinment! This was a busy day. She was late getting her hair done this afternoon and the rush was on. A storm showed up and that put a little damper on the day. You never know how your hair might look if it rains in North East Texas!
Proud Dad, was her escort tonight to dinner and the dance. This was the first time he had been so it was a treat for him also.
all of the poof from her dress, we couldnt hardly get her in the car.
Here she is posing for a few photos with her nephew.
I thought she looked just like Cinderella
It has been quite a night for us. She is going to the lock in to spend time with friends and the senior breakfast in the morning at the fire station. I just cant believe my little girl is all grown up!