Friday, January 30, 2009

Some of My Favorite Places

If you have read my blog for very long. You know that I absolutely love Eureka Springs, Arkansas. We have made so many trips there over the years and it really holds a very special place in our hearts. Here are a few pictures of some of the trips we have made this year.

Ermilio's is an Italian restaurant that serves authentic food. It is located in the historic district in an old 2 story house. The food is very good, and it is very crowded. We arrived at 5pm and the wait was already an hour long.
All of the streets are lined with exquisite flower gardens, and decorated for every occasion. It is just like a wonderland.

This is my favorite place to eat of all time. We discovered this quite by accident one day. We were downtown and stopped in for a quick bite. Don't let the word "cafe" fool you. This is a 5 star restaurant. I have never ate food this wonderful in my life. We have been here many times since. Once we ate there twice in a day. The menus are different for lunch and for dinner. This food is to die for!

Here is an example of the historic downtown. It is on a hill and very steep. We usually park and walk or ride the motorcycle slow stopping here and there to visit all of the quaint shops.

This is the front of the historic Crecsent Hotel. We were married here in October. We have made many trips here just to visit the grounds and the inside of the hotel. It is the oldest hotel in the area and some say the most haunted!

When you are standing on the back balcony of the hotel you see this wonderful old chapel. The stained glass windows are wonderful. I love this picture.

This is the crescent moon in front of the hotel. Sorry it is blurry.

The night we were married, we took a moonlight ride on this carriage. It took us all around the historic city and back to the hotel. It was cold that night and not a cloud in the sky. I loved it, the moon was bright and the stars shining. The horses hoofs were clip clopping on the brick pavement. Such a wonderful memory.
I hope that if you are every in Arkansas, you will take time to visit this charming little town. There are over 100 bed and breakfast inns as well as hotels to stay in. Beaver Lake has some wonderful log cabins you can rent by the day or week. Eureka Springs is also home of the Great Passion Play and the Christ of the Ozarks. You are only another hour away from Branson Missouri and lots of entertainment and sites.
Hope everyone has a wonderful week.


Jean Tuthill said...

I have not been to Arkansas yet, but someday I hope to get there. I would like to visit all the United States, and that's one that I need to visit. Thanks for showing some of the great places you visited. Have a great weekend.

The Cottage In The Curve said...

What a lovely place. Makes me want to go there.