Thursday, January 8, 2009

It Is All Over!

I am back from the oral surgeon and have done very well. My appointment was at 8am. We always get there early, so I was a little nervous. Nothing to eat, nothing to drink. Needing some water so badly! I was finally called back to the room where the evil deed must be done. They checked my blood pressure, checked an EKG, then went on to start an IV. I was told again for the millionth time. You have horrible veins, they are too small, too deep and they roll. Yeah, I know this.

But after the IV was started, then the only good part about this occurred. Versed was administered and I was out for the count! I do not even remember getting in the car. I must have slept all of the way home. I slept for a few hours and now I am up, not too much pain.

I had planned ahead and bought soup, and soft things I could eat. But the dentist said I cant eat anything hot for 24 hours. So according to my instructions now, only cold foods. So I was going to eat an ice cream float(my fave comfort food) . Then was told by hubby NO carbonated drinks, no straws. So I am still trying to figure out something I can have. Oh well, that was the last of the wisdom teeth and I am glad to see them go. I have had two taken out 7 years ago. Not sure why they left the other two in place. But hopefully I will not have anymore problems with TMJ. I take out my stress at night grinding my teeth.

I have spent the last hour reading my new Romantic Homes magazine. Fact: Lorri has a serious magazine fetish! I cant seem to stop looking at them. And the holiday issues I have to keep. Who knows what inspiration they will provide for future holiday themes.

I am back to the sofa. Just wanted you to know this dreaded tooth is now gone.YEAH!
Have a happy day!


Susan said...

Glad it is over!

Avoid hot and straws for a day or 2...

Smoothie or milkshake will feel good in your mouth later...

Go rest!

FeeBeeKay said...

Lovely to have you back Lorri - go gently and look after yourself! So glad it all went without a hitch and you are on the road to recovery!


Corgidogmama~ said...

Am so glad it's behind you now. You've been missed. Take care.

the wild raspberry said...

where do you get the amazing pictures for your blog?! They are some of the cutest I've ever seen. I will definitely be back soon to see more.
The comment you left on our blog gave me goosebumps!