Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Blessings

We spent the day with the kids today. I made chicken spaghetti, salad and garlic bread and put together a banana pudding for dessert. Most of the kids came for lunch and then we spent the afternoon putting up the Christmas tree. I am very fortunate that all of our children live within 25 miles of us and they love to come over for Sunday dinner! We enjoy having them over and catching up on the weeks events, then of course we get to love on the grand babies that are growing up way too fast!

For many years, it was a tradition in our family to spend Sunday lunch together. After I divorced, that kind of fell by the wayside for a few years. After Donnie and I married, that was one thing the kids were so excited about continuing . And he really enjoys having them all over for the day. So it works out well for all of us. The girls help out in the kitchen and the guys watch football and keep the fire going. I get to play with the grandsons and spoil them. I am so blessed to have my children close by and thank God for the fact they are all doing well.
On a decorating note, I found this cute pink metal card holder at Canton last weekend, I had some vintage postcards that I stuck in it and it is now in my bathroom. I know that seems like a crazy place for it, but I like to read inspirational quotes each day and thought I could do this while I am getting ready in the morning.

I am going through some old photos of my sister and I and plan to put a few of those in it as well. It will remind me to pray for those I love on a daily basis, while I am putting on my makeup. Ours lives are so hectic at times and I have found that if I pray in the mornings, my day just goes smoother and it gives me strength to handle the issues I face as a nurse everyday. I pray for my team that I work with, pray for my patients, my family and my wonderful husband. God has truly blessed me this year with so many precious answers to my prayers. I cant thank him enough for all he has done for me. My prayer for you is that God will be a reality in your lives and that He will direct your paths. Have a blessed day!