Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year! We were discussing New Year traditions today at work and I haven't seen many posts about it, so I thought I would ask you what are your traditions?
My mother always insisted that we eat black eyed peas and she would fry salt pork with this. Of course then she made cornbread to go with it. I thought this was the most disgusting meal of the year. I hated peas and salt pork, at the time I wasn't too fond of cornbread either. So to me New Year's meal was the worst day of the year. It might not have been too bad if we were allowed to eat something else, but I had those parents that MADE you taste it. So my meal was absolutely miserable. Maybe that is why I never made my kids eat things they did not like.
Several other women at work have said they ate fried cabbage. I have never heard of this one, so thought it must originate somewhere further south. I will be off tomorrow, so I haven't even planned a New Years meal, we may just go out to eat, since I have worked all week long. I think it is interesting the differences in cultures, regions and I suppose just different families and the traditions they have created. I wonder where they started? Why do we have to eat black eyed peas for dinner, why does it make you prosperous?????? Apparently it never worked. I really cant remember be overly wealthy, in fact I can remember some very difficult times. So the significance is lost on me.

My wish for you this year is a wonderful 12 months filled with peace, joy and happiness. So much in fact that it spills over to everyone you know. I pray the each of you enjoy good health, long life, and that you will make many lasting memories this year.
This year has been the best year of my life so far! I graduated in May, got a really great job, got engaged, married, moved into a new home, all in one year! How great is that!

I am really looking forward to this year and all that it brings. I haven't made any resolutions yet. But will probably work on that over the next few days. The main thing on my mind this week is First Monday trade days in Canton! I am leaving out Friday morning to go to the flea markets. Hopefully I will stumble across some really cute stuff that I must have and have a great time looking.
Have a Happy new year and let me know about your traditions!

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