Thursday, December 4, 2008

Christmas greenery

I picked up a few pots of Rosemary this week and will re pot them in some decorative pots. I love rosemary for its wonderful scent and use it frequently in my cooking. I found these at Canton for only $10 a pot and was so excited to get them. Lowe's always carries them, but the same size is about $15. Even though I was loaded down with purchases and had to walk uphill, somehow we found a way to hold two pots. My home that I just moved out of has rosemary in the front flower beds and it has grown to an enormous size. I had thought about trying to dig it up, but was afraid it would die if I transplanted it. Then, of course I would have to plant something else in it's place . So will hang on to these and plant them in the ground after the front beds are ready. My sweet husband has promised me that he will hire someone to clean the flower beds out and cut out the tree roots that are in it, so that I can start over. It was a mess when I moved over here and really needs to just go away and replant. I love herbs in the garden and have always planted several to fill in with the flowers.

I found this Christmas cactus at Walmart for $7. I have never had one and hope that I can keep it alive. My mother has one that belonged to my grandmother, I believe it is about 30 years old. Granny had it for many years and would keep it on her front porch in the summer and move it indoors when it turned cold outside. Mother rescued it after Granny went to heaven and has had it ever since. Mine has loads of fuchsia buds on it and I have read everything I can about the care of it. So far it is doing well. I mist it occasionally and have not watered it yet. So, will try to keep this one alive for many seasons to come. I love it in the house, I am not a green thumb, so a little fresh pop of green is nice to have .
Well, I am going shopping today to buy some extra trimmings for the house. My son will be picking up my trees and ornaments at the old house and bringing them to me today. The plan is to put the tree up tomorrow night. I hope to have the living room decorated by Saturday morning. I will post pictures of the house for you to see the transformation of this bachelor pad to a cheery Christmas home.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

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