Friday, December 12, 2008

Frugal Friday Finds

Today, I spent the day shopping for flea market finds. My first stop was Goodwill, where I purchased 3 plates for $1 each. I am going to buy plate hangers and hang them in my bathroom.
I drove to a small town about 30 miles away and found this cross stitch framed verse. I love cross stitch and cant resist buying them. This was only $4!
On my way home I stopped at a junk store that is really a place people buy bedding plants. She had an assortment of items inside the store and I bought this blue hamper for $6. It was pretty dirty, but bought it anyway and stuck it in the tub for a quick scrub. I think it will be wonderful in my bathroom.

My favorite find today was also at the plant store. She had some vintage Christmas items she was unpacking and I scored this great tablecloth. It is in mint condition. I brought it home and washed , starched, ironed it and placed it under the glass top of my Duncan Phyfe tabletop. It is too small for the kitchen table so I thought it would add a little color in the living room. It was also $4.

I think I did very well today with my frugal Friday shopping. I only spent $17.00 for all that I purchased! Tomorrow, I am planning to drive to Gladewater and do some antique shopping. I am looking for a china cabinet for my dining room. I have all of my china packed up right now and really want to display it. My sweetie is giving me money for Christmas so I plan to use it towards a cabinet. So, tomorrow I am off on another shopping adventure. If I cant find one this weekend, I am going back to Canton on first Monday.

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I found that same Christmas tablecloth this year for $1.50, yours is in much better condition than mine!!!