Monday, December 29, 2008

Busy Day

Just a note to let everyone know that I have been thinking about all of my new blogging friends today. I love your comments that you leave. And I enjoy the new friendships I have made in the past two months. Thanks to all of you for brightening my day! I have working today and it has been a bad day, when I got home I read the posted comments and it lifted my spirits tremendously! Thanks again for all of you!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lorri,
Thanks for stopping by today. My curtains are actually from Walmart from the Better Homes & Garden line. They are actually very nice quality. Have a wonderful evening.


FeeBeeKay said...

Hi Lorri - just wanted to let you know that what goes around comes around! The fact that you leave such thoughtful comments on other people's blogs, and post such glorious things on your own for other people to enjoy means it is inevitable that good karma will come your way.

Hope you had a better day today - sometimes these in-between days, while we wait to say goodbye to the old year but are not quite ready to welcome the new, can be tough. Keep your chin up girl!!


The Cottage In The Curve said...

Hi Lorri ~ I'm so glad you found my blog. You are such a dear person. I do enjoy reading your blog and looking into your world.

Lots of hugs
Patti Cakes

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Lorri,

I enjoyed looking at your very pretty blog.

Best wishes for 2009.


cherished*vintage said...

Happy New Year Lorri! I too love to "play" house - although I could be a bit better at the cleaning part. hehe Your mother's little sewing is wonderful, what a great piece to add to your kitchen with all the red handled cookware. Love it!