Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas in the Kitchen

I put up a new tree today in my kitchen. I went to Walmart this morning and purchased a small 4ft pre-lit tree. I wanted a red one, but they were all gone, so I settled for the white instead. Strung red beading on it and decorated it with my cookie cutters, red handled kitchen tools and candy canes.
I have a toy Little Chef oven that I set under the tree with some small red mixing bowls and cookie cutters.

I found one of the red and white bowl sets left at walmart, so I jumped on it. Used it to store peppermint tea bags and ribbons.

Don't ya just love sock monkeys! I have had this one for such a long time. I think I bought it from Gooseberry Patch.

I placed all of my Christmas cookbooks under the tree. They will be handy to get too when I start my baking and fills in for presents in the meantime.
I love my little Kitchen Christmas tree. Hope you do too!


Anonymous said...

What a sweet tree! I love the toy oven!!!


glimpse of my world said...

love the red white bowls!! love your Christmas tree...

Merry Christmas to you!