Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sunny Fall Day

Hope you are enjoying the gorgeous fall weather! Yesterday was so wonderful. I just wished I could have spent the day outdoors. The time has changed now so it is always dark when I get home at night. I will miss getting to putter around outside and look at the changing leaves and take in the crisp air.
Have a lovely day!



Julie Harward said...

Pretty sights...the days are so lovely here too but Oct. was the coldest in 27 years!!! Come say hi :D

Shyra said...

Such beautiful colors, Lorri! I also love the photo of the old car and all the wonderful squash from an earlier post! Neat... We will be able to see the Texas colors for ourselves as we fly to San Antonio on Saturday for a week. Hoping to find some great antique/crafter type shops too.
Blessings! :o)