Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lets Talk Turkey!

With the holidays fast approaching, I would love to hear some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions! This past year I became part of a new family so I am starting new traditions as well as incorporating old ones.
Thanksgiving has always been a favorite day for me because we usally put up a Christmas tree in the afternoon and start making plans for Christmas. My new husband is a hunter so he will be taking off for a few days to hunt during the holidays and I will spend that time transforming our home into a winter wonderland while he is gone. I want to get all of the shopping out of the way so the month of December wont be so hectic for me. We are leaving on Dec 10 for a vacation, so I want it to be a stress free month of fun and family.
This year my mother will be hosting Thanksgiving at her home. My sister and I will help cook and all of the kids will be there for a nice long visit. We spoke today about the menu and just have a few items to work out so it is settled. I will have to travel further so I am not sure what I can make that will travel well. Any suggestions?
I would love to hear your family traditions!!! Have a great week and come back soon!



Julie Harward said...

I'm wondering what to assign..because mine are all traveling here?! I'll do most or all of it for that reason, plus our kids stay a few days so that lots of meals. But we love it! We go into the mountains and cut out trees the day after's SO much fun! Come say hi :D

aimee said...

congratulations on your first year together. it will be so nice making your home warm and inviting for the holidays :) my traditions consist of thanksgiving with my husbands awesome family the sat before and my awesome side of the family the day of.