Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Brighton!

I just love Brighton! I think I fell in love with it many years ago when I won a Brighton red straw purse in a giveaway. So, every once in a while I treat myself to a new item. I bought this cute bumble bee key fob and matching straw bag a few weeks ago. I have a black shell, black trousers and bright yellow jacket that I wear with it. It is such a cute purse.
While doing some online browsing this week, I also saw this cute black and white paisley bag, it is on my wish list! Thought it would look cute with jeans.

And of course I love the red flower on it. I really want the red Brighton luggage,but it is way out of my reach in price. I just cant justify it at all. I look on eBay alot trying to find it, but have not come across a set that is affordable. :(
I start my new job tomorrow, so not sure yet what my schedule will be. Hoping my Internet access does not go out again. The company is sending me a new modem this week. Hopefully this will solve the problem. Thanks to all who left messages and hope you will bear with me during this time. I really missed blogging this week!

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Cottage Rose said...

Hi Lorri; I love the purse's they are both so great. I love to buy them as much as my Have a great first day on the new job...