Thursday, March 5, 2009

Decorating Dilemma

Ok Girls, I desperately need your help! I have no idea how to decorate my living room with this large 52 in Flatscreen TV in my living room. This is a pre-marriage purchase and it is not going anywhere so I need to figure out a way to make the most of it! Any ideas are greatly appreciated. I really do not think this will even fit in a cabinet to hide it. If any of you live in a man cave please let me know!



Crazy is only the beginning... said...

Many of the new tv's can be used as a digital frame, check it out, if you can;t hide it, made the most of it.

Angela said...

Hey Lorri!
We bought our big tv about 2 yrs ago. It didn't fit in my old cabinet so we set it on top of it until this year. The day after Christmas my husband hung it on the wall which is what we had planned to do anyway. It took me about a month to find something to replace my old beautiful real cherry wood tv cabinet with. I finally found it at What I wanted was something that looks like an antique and would be big enough to hold the dvd, surround sound box, etc... I found a beautiful buffet that my husband cut two holes in the back for the cords to go out of and now it is hiding all of that equipement. I love it! Now I need to find something to jazz the top up with and it will be finished.
Hope this helps. I am planning on posting pictures of it once I get it finished but who knows when that will be. I can send you the picture of the buffet if you are interested.

Joanne Kennedy said...

Oh I have the same problem. We got the same size. It is nice to have to watch movies and shows on but I hate looking at it when it's not in use.

They do make some cabinets that will hide them but they are HUGE! Plus I didn't find one I liked.

So we have our sitting on top of a piece that was made for TVs and then it's hiding the DVR, DVD and other things out of sight.

We didn't want to hang it on the wall. I know lots of people do but I didn't like that look either.

I would love if someone came up with some great idea to hide them.


jen said...

Hi Lori!
I do in fact live in a "man cave".
Try some silk florals, or even trees. The artificial ones look really good and it will soften the room.
The Crate and Barrel catalogue has some good ideas...
My husband wants one of those tvs...maybe I'll hang dolls from it!!
I hope all is well with you!!