Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday Drive

Today we decided to take off and visit one of our favorite little towns. Jefferson, Texas is one of the oldest towns in the state. I have some documentation recently given to me that my relatives arrived in Texas in 1860 via a steamboat in Jefferson port. We have loved this place for so many years, I have lost count. Most of the streets are still brick lined and it is just such a homey place. Reminds me of Mayberry! Donnie and I love to ride the motorcycle over on Sunday afternoons and just stroll through the antique shops, eat a great cornbread sandwich and enjoy the day.

The old time General store has a huge assortment of EVERYTHING! We stopped in today and bought some Burts Bees and a couple of funny cards. They have an old fashioned ice cream parlour with hand scooped ice cream. The fudge shop is just around the corner. We always have to stop in and buy some homemade peach amarreto fudge. It is just too good for words!

My youngest daughter LOVES this old truck. She wants one that is red! We ate at Auntie Skinners today. They serve the absolute best burger in the world! It is a hot spot for bikers and tourists who visit.
Jefferson is a wonderful little town with so many things to see! The Jefferson Hotel is downtown and reports to be haunted! I have never stayed there, but Kristy and her girlfriends spent a night a few years ago.
Well, dear friends I know I promised a recipe this weekend and I will get it posted. The day has just flown by and I havent even baked that apple pie yet. I had some homework to do tonight and have been busy as a bee cleaning house this weekend.
Have a wonderful week and dont forget to take time for yourself!



glimpse of my world said...

oh my gosh.. that is too funny!! I love jefferson, have been there many many times with kids, friends, romantic weekends etc... my dear friend Nancy runs the Skinner bar!! if you ever go back you must ask for her.. she is a hoot! My son's roomate in college family owns the Old General store and many more things around there... cool town... go in the summer and take the boat up the bayou for the tour.. a blast!

The Lone Star Queen said...

We went to Jefferson for a family vacation when the kid's were litte. Jefferson is absolutely adorable. I remember taking a bayou tour and going to a museum in the town square. The museum was full of vintage items and seemed a little eerie to me. Thanks for the memory.

Julie Harward said...


moonbeam said...

I just saw a story on TEXAS COUNTRY REPORTER about SISTERS ON THE FLY. I have always wanted a vintage trailer. I see there is one for sale on the SOTF website. But help do you know of any others? I am in W TEXAS near Lubbock! Is there a group of Texas SOTF? Do they travel around the state? Do they go to events? You gals look so happy.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Lovely buildings and the truck is so cute X

littlehouse said...

That is a great truck! If I'm ever in Texas, I'll have to check out this adorable town.

Shyra said...

What a neat town! Another reason to love Texas!

Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Lorri, Thanks so much for the Disney tips, they'll really come in handy! Great advice :)!

What a neat little town, gotta love that small town charm! Sounds like a grand time!