Sunday, January 10, 2010

Need Ideas!

Howdy! Girls, I need some help.
We are expecting some company from Ireland this summer and I need to freshen up the house a bit. I really havent done much to this house since I moved in it. We sorta put everything together and gave the excess furniture to the kids we when combined households. So, this means most of the things we have do not go together. A very electic collection! Any ideas would be appreciated. I have very large furniture, since I lived in a home with tall ceilings. My husband's home has 8ft ceilings, so I cant put alot in the rooms and need to lighten up. Any new fashionable colors and trends would be welcome. I will have to mix up what I have and add a few things for a little sparkle. Please put your thinking caps on and tell me how you would prepare for company! Love to hear from all of you.



Julie Harward said...

Go to Ilea or somewhere and get some plain slip covers for some of it and tie it all together with pillows! But what do I know?! Good luck! come say hi :D

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the opposite -- moving out of our house, so trying to get rid and make our house a little "plainer," but one thing that ALWAYS works for me with company is to put a bouquet of fresh flowers in every room. Last time my college roommate came to town, all I could manage was a huge bunch of carnations in the rooms, but she just couldn't stop exclaiming how no one has fresh flowers anymore except on tv. Such a luxury in life. Of course there's always paint, towels, food and drink, but for my money, fresh flowers say "welcome" to guests, and they don't even notice the colors or dust or whatever else you haven't had time to spruce.

Lori said...

Your friends are coming to see you. Just tidy up, keep everything where you can find it. Make the guest room inviting with fresh flowers and have some in the kitchen and entry as well. Enjoy your company, make them feel welcome and they won't care what your house looks like.

littlehouse said...

I agree with long as your home is tidy, your guests will enjoy their visit. Fresh flowers are always nice, too.

-Little House

Stacey said...

Painting always makes me feel good. :) Flowers and live plants are on my list for spring too. Oh, I love fresh and new dish towels..they are cheap and so cute.

Sharon Lovejoy said...


Benjamin Moore Paints has great color swatches. i turn to them when I want to decide how to freshen up my interiors. They're pretty cutting edge "new" (although we know NO colors are NEW), but they're of the times and fresh.

Simple and fresh is best. Bouquets, twigs, baskets, good reading books, shining glass vases, ironstone, lovely rocks chosen with care.

Have fun. The Irish are the best.

Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green island

Homecraft Framing & Gifts said...

The folks from Europe are not into decorating like we are. They would rather use their money to travel. So I am guessing that their home would be pretty much just like yours and to me that is like being at home. Like a good many of the girls have said just have it neat and clean.

Besides, you will probably be taking them sight seeing and will not be home much anyway. They love friends to come and visit, so you could have your family and friends come over and have a party.

I hope all of you have a wonderful time.

Jean Tuthill said...

Don't get nervous, they are coming to see YOU, not the house. Just clean and straighten, remove the extra clutter and enjoy your company. The fresh flowers are a good idea, too. And lots of good food!

Justine said...

Oh I wish I had found this wonderful vintage image to use on a project I am entering into a card contest. You have a wonderful blog.