Thursday, April 30, 2009

Paper Back Book Swap

During hard times we are always looking for ways to save more money. I am an avid reader and although I utilize the library. It is sometime's difficult for me to wait for a book to become available. I was reading another blog site one day when I discovered . I had many books that I had read and knew I would not use again, so I posted them on the web site. Within minutes, I started to recieve requests for my books. Once your book is requested, you print out a paper cover and tape around the book( instructions are included on the site). Ship the book media mail to the person who requested it. This usually costs around $2. When the book is recieved then you gain a credit in your account. With credits you can search the huge website for books that interest you. There are even audio books for the car if you like to use this feature. Also, I would like to add that hardback books are also posted on this site. I have only had one bad experience with using this site so far. My books are always in excellent condition and I sometimes forget that other people do not use my standard when shipping. I did recieve a book that was in poor condtion, but usable. You can personalize your requests by requesting books from smoke free enviroments, or pet free enviroments etc.
I have been pleased so far with this site. Hope you check it out !



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NanaB said...

there is a better book swap site..
after registering on the site, you can click on other members lists, and indicate "want it"...can list what books,dvds,games..that you have to will be notified is someone wants one of yours, and then you ship to that one, and whomever has one you want will ship to you..
I have been doing this for is the greatest!