Saturday, April 18, 2009

Its Raining...Again!

It is raining here again. I am so disapointed. Everyday this week the weather has been so nice and pretty, but I was at work those days and didnt get to enjoy it. Today, I have been doing some housework, cleaning out the fridge, washing and all of the upkeep needed to keep my little cottage fresh and clean! I have made out my grocery shopping list, but decided to put that off until the weather cleared a bit. I hate to drive in bad weather and it absolutely destroys my hair!
Here are some lovely flowers to brighten your day! Enjoy your weekend.

Hugs to all!



Julie said...

I love it when it's good NAP weather. I am so wanting a good NAP today. It's rainy and cloudy here in Texas. Love the Flowers...Have a good weekend...Julie

Tracie~MyPetiteMaison said...

Sorry to hear about the rain, Lorri. It's going to be in the 80s here today and then a scorcher tomorrow they're saying. We actually have a high heat warning. Maybe between the two of us we could have a happy medium? Enjoy your weekend and stay cozy.

Sue said...

I know how it is to be stuck inside at work all day on nice days and then have the weekends be a "wash".

Today here is acutally a REAL Spring day for once this year! Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day where you are, weather wise!!!

princess said...

Oh I would love some rain! Trade you for my 80's!


Tammy said...

hey lori,

My Hubby and I "made hay, while the sun shone" other words we got quite a bit of yard work done before the rains sets in again.

Tulips have bloomed in my neighborhood...I'm going to try to get some planted next fall.


Angela said...

I to am sorry to hear about all of that rain! The kids are on Spring Break this week and it rained the first 3 days of it and we are expecting rain again tomorrow until Wednesday! Sigh..... But we did get into the 70's Friday and today so we took the boat out for a spin yesterday and today we took a mule ride. Great weather for those types of things I might say.
Hope it clears up for you to enjoy a little sun shine for tomorrow!