Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine Flowers

My Valentine sweetheart sent me a fabulous bouquet of flowers. He sent it a little early so that he could avoid the rush. Also to surprise me as he knew that I would be working at the florist during the holiday rush. I just love them. I do love roses, but tulips are one of my favorite flowers. This was a mix of roses, tulips, stock, greenery and peacock feathers. What a sweetheart!
I hope that everyone has a very special day with the one you love.


Shanda said...

Lovely flowers. you got a good man there.
I was at Sam's club today and they had the most wonderful gorgeous red tulips. they were breath taking. I told my friend if they would only keep longer, I would sure buy a pot of those. I am going to try to find the same variety and plant some. They were red with a white rim around the top.

Jean Tuthill said...

The flowers are gorgeous. It was so thoughtful of your husband to send them early, so that you can enjoy them longer. Happy Valentine's Day!

Vintage Kitten said...

Your flowers are beautiful. I love the peacock feathers, so unusual. My favourite flowers are roses X

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Beautiful and those pinchsions are adorable!!!!!!!!

Terri and Bob said...