Friday, February 6, 2009

It Is Pink Saturday and A Giveaway!

Welcome to Pink Saturday! Hosted by Beverly at Stop by and check out all of the wonderful Pinkness that is posted this week. The dishes above belong to my wonderful husband, so I am planning on keeping them. I love the pinks, browns and blues in the pattern. I really love the little birds that are scattered throughout the scenes. I think this set would be great at Thanksgiving.

I love, Love, LOVE Susan Branch! Her books are so cheerful and the illustrations make me smile. There are some really good recipes in this book!

This is a Brighton tin. They make the most wonderful costume jewelry in the world. Each piece comes in its own very special tin. I have tons of them and use them to store beads, pins and other little tidbits of treasures. When I travel on the motorcycle, I use one to keep my earrings,watch and bracelets safe.

Sorry, this is not a very good picture. It is Philosophy's Amazing Grace perfume. I love the clean fresh scent, just right for just a hint of fragrance. And I love the delicate pink color!

Now to the most wonderful of pink! I am giving away one of these beautiful pink and green strawberry pin cushion! They are handmade by Kimber Van Heukelom. She does the most gorgeous hand work. I just cant decide which one to keep! She even added some really wonderful pink pins. Kimber takes orders and if you would like to order directly her email address: They are $10.00 each and worth every penny. Such a great addition to your sewing box!

To enter this giveaway please leave a comment and mention that you would like to enter to win the pink pin cushion. That is all you have to do! If you do not have a blog, I need an email address to contact you. I will announce the winner on Friday, Feb.13th! Good luck to everyone!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Please keep Becky and her family in your prayers. They have lost a most precious son.




Susan said...

Love the pink/brown dishes...and the pink pin cushion is really cute...a great addition to anyone's sewing!

Have a good weekend


Joanne Kennedy said...

What pretty dishes! I too love Brighton. The tins are part of the fun of buying from there. That little pink pin cushion is to cute for words!

Can't wait until Friday the 13th to see if I'm lucky enough to own one!


RobinfromCA said...

Those dishes are to die for! I bet you can set a gorgeous table with them. Glad to see I'm not the only one who saves Brighton tins for trinkets! The little strawberry pin cushions are are so darling. What a lot of work to hand sew those and how sweet to include the pink pin!

Kay said...

Lorri, your husband's dishes are lovely...he has very good taste. I have collected a few of those colorful Brighton tins as well. Love the sweet little pink strawberry pin cushion...such beautiful handwork.

Have a great weekend

Terri and Bob said...

Adorable pin cushion. Who couldn't love it?

The dishes are fabulous. I'd keep them, too!

Betty Jo said...

I ♥ Susan Branch too! I would love to enter your giveaway to win one of those adorable pin cushions. How sweet of you! ♥

Mimi said...

Ohmygosh, those dishes are just gorgeous! You said on my blog that I outdid myself, well, I'm moving over because I think we need to share!

I adore the little pin cushion...hope I win! I enter oodles of these things and so far...I am barren :(

Vintage Girl at Heart said...

Happy PINK Saturday!!! I love Susan Branch and have so many of her wonderful books, love the Brighton too of course, part of the fun is their sweet tins!!!! Please throw my name in the hat for these yummy strawberries!!!! They are so sweet!!!

Riet said...

That dinner service is beautiful. Worth keeping.:)) Happy pink Saturday

kymber said...

Hi Lorri,
Loved your pinks for today! Especially the beautiful plates.

I need to pick me up a copy of Susan Branch's books to see what they are like. I have never read any, but I sure have heard some wonderful things about her.

I love love LOVE the cute pincushion! I would love to be included in your drawing! What a sweet thing for you to do! It must be hard to part with either of them.
Happy pink saturday to you!

Jillian said...

Omigosh! I have always wanted to make one of those...but now I have a chance to win one! Yes, please enter me to win one of the pin cushions!

I'm also having a giveaway today for my 200th post! Stop on over!


Walking on Sunshine... said...

Oh, I love the dishes!!!! I'm glad you're keeping them!! The little pin cushion is cute as well! Thanks for sharing your treasures!! Hope your day is a good one!

Judi said...

Happy Pink Saturday Lorrie
I love your pinks. The dishes are sooo pretty don't you just love browns and pinks together. I would keep them too! The jewellery tin is sooo pretty too.
Please enter my name into your giveaway! Thank you!
come by and visit when you have some time!

Mary said...

Those dishes are just gorgeous, I love anything with birds in it.
Pretty tin and of course please enter me in your giveaway. The pin cushion is charming! And so sweet of you to do this!
Happy Pink Saturday! Mary

Linens and Laurel said...

The dishes are so lovely. The tin is precious. I always am attracted to tins. What a cute little pin cushion. If I won, I'd have to sew again.

Barb said...

Please enter me in your great giveaway!!!

I'm telling my friends on my blog too.

My bird nest giveaway drawing is Feb 10th if you have friends who have not entered yet.

Giveaways. Don't you just love them!!!

Barbara Jean

Shelia said...

Hi Lorri! It's so nice to meet you and I love your Pinkness today. Those dishes are truly beautiful! Please enter my name in your giveaway.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

bj said...

That set of dishes is to die beautiful. I, too, have some Brighton 'em.
Please enter me in your most generous and lovely giveaway. Those little cushions are precious.
Thanks for giving us a chance to win one of them.
Happy Day, bj

gina said...

Love the dishes they have a spode look to them. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to win the pink pin cushion..., I mean how super cute are they!!

cpullum said...

I would love to win the win the pink pin cushion!

Joanne said...

Oh, that pin cushion is the sweetest. Please enter me in your giveaway -- I just found your great blog for the first time today! Thanks, Joanne ~~

Jennie said...

Such pretty pink things! Those dishes are gorgeous, and I love that perfume bottle, too.

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Deanna said...

Hi Lorri!
I adore the dishware. So lovely and so very feminine.

I'll have to try the perfume you have. I'm allergic to all floral but can tolerate fruity and fresh scents.

I'm a Brighton girl, so I do know what you mean about their jewelry. I have most of the charm bracelets in my collection!

Oh..and please, I'd love to enter the pin cushion giveaway!

Have a great Pink Saturday!
Deanna :D

^..^ Corgi Dog Mama said...

Hi Lorrie~
Those dishes are so beautiful, and I agree, perfect for Thanksgiving.
I've always wondered about the Philosophy line of products.
A pretty entry today....and a giveaway, oh my, those pincushions are cute. Friday the 13th will be a lucky day for someone!!

Loretta said...

Happy Pink Day! Your dishes are so pretty. I love the pink pin cushion too! I'd love to enter your draw to win one. I'm a sewer and hope you come by and visit me too!

Dixie's Whimsey said...

I love the English Pink and brown ironstone... one of my favorite patterns! Dixie

Sugarplum Cottage said...

These are wonderful dishes, I've not seen this pattern before. Hugs, Rosemarie

Cori G. said...

Happy Pink Saturday and please enter me in your give-away! Those strawberries are so delightful! And I love all your pink as well. Don't you just love Brighton? I have several of their tins and treat myself to one new handbag a year.
Have a wonderful pink weekend!

Cori G.

Anonymous said...

Love this post and would love to win the pin cushion. I too have lots of Brighton jewelry. I almost never wear any other kind.
I have a platter in the pattern of your dishes. I've always liked that pattern.

kayellen said...

Happy Pink Saturday!!!

Thank you for stopping by!

Such pretty pink pin cushions,,,

Smiles and have a blessed weekend!


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

I am in love with those dishes! They are wonderful. I would love to be entered in your great giveaway for the pin cushions. Thank you for the chance.

Niesz Vintage Home said...

Hi Lorri,
What a beautiful design on that china! It would certainly make a lovely able setting.

The velvet strawberries are just the cutest! I'd love to entered in your giveaway.

Kimberly :)

Shirl said...

Hello Lorri, Happy Pink Saturday and thank you so much for stopping by! Your blog is so sweet, I love it! Your pink and brown dishes are so pretty, I have that Susan Branch book and love it, I also love your strawberry pincushion, I make and collect them. I've never had a wiff of Grace perfume but will have to keep my eye open for it. I love a nice floral fragrance.
Your little heart box is pretty too!
Bless you, Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

CC said...

I love the dishes. That's a gorgeous pattern...and that little sweet pink pincushion just belongs in my sewing basket. :), I want to win..

Patti Cakes said...

I wanted to do Pink Saturday but missed it.

Please enter me in your pin cushion give away.


Cami @ Creating Myself said...

I would LOVE to win the pink pin cushion...Happy Pink Day!

Mimi said...

About my recipe book. The notebooks that I have selected have a front sleeve to insert a cover page. What I have been doing is going through all of my family photos and putting aside those where either the boys or I were in the kitchen or eating anywhere, even picnics. Then I'm going to make a collage of the pictures for an 8" by 10" format and have that printed either at Walgreen's or Wal-Mart.

Voila! All I'll have to do is slip it in the sleeve for even more nostalgia for the kids! Please keep in touch. I'd like to know how your progress is moving along on your book, too!

Hugs, Mimi

Deborah said...

Great pinks...I love Susan Branch books!

Please throw my name in the sewing basket for the cute pink cushion.
Thank you!

Deborah in NC

OH! Those dishes are just gorgeous!

FeeBeeKay said...

Hi Lorri, I just love Philosophy toiletries too! They are so light and delicious - your treasures are so beautiful! Have a great week dear one!

Fiona x

Jean Tuthill said...

The dishes are beautiful and would look good at any occasion! Also, I would like to win the pink pincushion, I love handmade things, so pretty!

*Ulrike* said...

The pink pin cushion is so cute! My 78 yr old next door neighbor sews and has been helping me, she would love something like that! The dishes, what can one say?! Who wouldn't keep them!!!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello Lorri; Happy Pink Saturday.
I love the dishes they are just so pretty. And I would love to be entered in the give a way.


lindanuts said...

I love your blog. We seem to have some things in common--loving our grandmothers, aprons, kitchen antiques, loving teaching our daughters, proud of how our kids turned out..... and I love the pincushions. They are adorable and I can certainly put it ot good use!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful blog, is my first time visiting and I would like to enter your pink pin cushion giveaway please. I hope I win as on the 12th is my birthday and the pin cushion would be a great birthday present!!! :)
Thank you for your generosity.

the wild raspberry said...

please enter me for that darling pin cushion. mine is falling apart!
hmmm...will friday the 13th be lucky or unlucky?!