Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stacking Pennies

 Stacking pennies is a wonderful little pattern for a quick baby quilt in a pinch! One day I will learn to make a few extra quilts to keep on hand for new babies. Nine months just flies by whenever its not you! My sister has a new granddaughter and it seems that she just told me this a few weeks ago. Avie was born last week a healthy and happy little girl. It sent me scrambling to get a quilt to her for a homecoming present! I had made this little quilt one weekend while practicing my machine quilting and applique. I love to hand quilt but I certainly love the time saving method of the machine. This was just a simple straight stitch and wasn't hard to make in an afternoon. I am practicing free motion quilting on small projects right now and my new years goal is to quilt a queen size on my machine. I usually send my larger quilts out to have them quilted on a long arm machine. I have watched tutorials galore, but decided that practice is what it takes to get the hang of it. If you have any tips for machine quilting, please share!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and safe travels!

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