Friday, November 27, 2015

My New Hoosier Cabinet

 YEAH!! For many years I have been searching for a Hoosier that met the qualifications that I had set. Number 1: affordable  Number 2: No refinishing on my part
We have a super cute new flea market a few miles away and one Friday night I just happened to be on Facebook when they posted the picture of this cabinet. They are only open during the weekends, so I was up at 5 am, pacing, waiting, watching the clock, drove to the shop prepared to fight off anyone that made it in the door before I did. They just happened to be open 30 minutes early, so I was in the store, bought the cabinet and on my way home within the hour! This Hoosier is so wonderful, it still has the original parts including the flour sifter and spice racks. The Slag glass is perfect and the finish untouched. The enamel top has a couple of scratches, but nothing big. I was thrilled to pieces that I finally found one after all this time. In fact, I'm going to make homemade pie crust on this enamel top with my  cutest little country apron on! Can you see the little red sign above it? That is our motto around here "We Love You Like Biscuits and Gravy"  Yes maam we do!

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