Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday!

I didnt brave the weather or the crowds today. I felt like just staying home and resting after such a busy Thanksgiving day. I worked on a quilt for the new baby that is on the way. His due date was moved up by 2 weeks. I was knee deep in Christmas projects, but decided to take a break and get this one cracked out!
This is the quilt pattern that I was going by. I really wasnt sure about the color palette. But my daughter wanted green and brown. I finally found this picture in a book called Simplify.
We chose these fabrics to use
I really love the lion and monkeys on the fabric. And who can resist the polka dots??
This is my youngest little man, Logan. Just look at his cute little grown up man tie! He will be sharing the spotlight is just a few weeks when his little brother makes his appearance. Bless his heart. I am curious how he will respond, since this will probably rock his little world! He is quite spoiled and very much a daddy's boy. Well, maybe with the new baby arriving, Nana and Papa will get to enjoy his comapany a little more!
Hope you had a great day and scored some really big deals!



Lady Jane said...

This will be one lovely quilt! I love the colors and the pattern. So much fun to make. Cheers, LJ

Anonymous said...

That looks great. I like the top picture colors much better than the pattern.

I saw your question about beginning hexagon making on someone's blog. E-me at dezertsuz at gmail dot com if you didn't get the information you needed.

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Susan said...

Those fabrics are lovely!