Monday, November 7, 2011

New Quilt Top

I thought I would show you the new quilt top that I just made. I still have to quilt and bind it. It is a little small, so I will just use it as a lap quilt. I have had some issues with this pattern from the start. First of all, I hate to cut out the pieces, it the worst part of any project for me. I was cutting with a dull rotary tool and I also was working on it when I really wasnt feeling well. My squares are off a little and although I ripped it out twice, I still didnt get it completely square. I am a novice at quilting although I have been sewing for 30 plus years. But, I will keep trying and I am determined to be a great quilter one day!
I really loved the colors in this one, they are very bright and colorful. It will cheer me up on a rainy day for sure! Have a great week!


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