Friday, November 18, 2011

Let The Baking Begin!

I am so excited this year about the holidays! Usually, I have to rush around and cook after I get home from work, spending all my extra time trying to pull off a great meal for the family. This year, I am taking my time and getting some of my baking done ahead of time. My grandson will be coming over tomorrow to help me. Caleb is 12 years old and is showing a great interest in cooking! I am secretly thrilled to death. I always dreamed of baking in my kitchen with my grandchildren, just like my grandmother did when I was little. Some of my fondest childhood memories are in her kitchen helping her "stir up a cake". I was the oldest of 4 grand daughters and we would all pile into the kitchen watching her mix up a cake. One of us would get the bowl, one would get the spoon and 2 would get the beaters to lick afterward. We had many good times in those days and I dreamed of having that same special memory with my kids. Since all of my grands are boys, they are more interested in following Papa around and doing 'guy stuff'. Caleb's mother does not cook, so he is very interested in the whole process. He helped me make a banana pudding a few weeks ago and offered to help me with the preparations for Thanksgiving.
My son in law, Bryan is a chef here in our city. He is busy baking and cooking for the holidays and my daughter Jennifer is a floral designer. They married earlier this year and have recently moved the florist to a larger building with an area for a cafe! They are opening on Monday morning, we are so excited for them. I have shared a few recipes with him that have been passed on to me over the years and he is planning on using those during the holidays.
I have been blessed with 7 children and all of them will be here next week for Thanksgiving lunch. The holidays can be very demanding due to the inlaws, outlaws and all of the other stops the kids have to make, so I feel very fortunate that they come to my home for lunch. My daughters always arrive early so they can help me with last minute preparations and each one will bring a side dish or a dessert.
After we all eat and clean up the kitchen we draw names for Christmas. We started this last year and it works very well. When you have this many children it is very hard for all of them to buy presents for each other. We decided that drawing names would take the pressure off and they could focus on their families instead. I am hoping that they will be pleased this year with my quilts that I am making for them. I have one more to sew and get off to the quilter's! It has been a job, but I have really enjoyed it. I haven't been able to do alot of sewing in the past few years due to school and work. I have decided, that I will continue to spend time making quilts, since it is something I really love to do! I have always put my hobbies on the back shelf, in order to accomplish other things and now it is time to stop and do something for myself! Do you think that is selfish??? I have discovered that I have to buy a better sewing machine after the first of the year. I really miss my old singer that I used for so many years! And, I have ideas of making the spare bedroom into a more organized space so I can find everything I need while I am working on a project.
Hope everyone has a great week! I have been blog hopping today and have discovered so many new and interesting blogs. It has been a wonderful treat.


andsewon said...

It all sounds so nice! Bet you had the best time in the kitchen with your grandson! Wishing you a very Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for the blog visit and comment too!Loved look'n round yours as well!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

This is such a great post! No, you are not selfish to putter around for yourself now. I hope you'll show your quilt gifts as well as what you are working on for yourself.

I have four grandsweeties and only one is big enough to help now in the kitchen. I love every minute of it with her - even the messes.

julieQ said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Nice to meet another nurse. I could not reply to you via e-mail, so I am just saying...thank you for your visit!