Sunday, March 7, 2010

Backyard Farming

Being raised in the country, I have longed for the opportunity again to have a little country in the suburbs. I loved having chickens and gathering the eggs when I was a little girl. My Granny had patches of strawberries to be picked and put in the freezer. She had a treadle sewing machine that we would play on for hours at a time. She always saved her Sears catalogs and we would use them to cut out paperdolls and made dollhouses out of old cigar boxes. Life was fun, but simple. I get the itch this time of year to order baby chicks, plow up a garden and dream about the rich fertile soil squishing between my toes. I guess you cant take the country out of a girl.
Last year I discovered Mary Jane Farms and get my country fix every other month through her wonderful magazine. I then pass it along to my mother and sister to read. I loved this months issue with the articles on gardening and quilts. Mary Jane lives a life that many of us can only dream of. So, I set out to think of ways to add a little country to my city home. I decided to plant the flower beds this year in herbs that will provide fragrance as well as taste to my everyday cooking. I would love to have a few chickens in the backyard, but afraid that wont fly with the homeowners in the neighborhood. I have an enclosed patio that I want to redo into a nice little retreat. I am sprucing up the chair cushions with some tea stained floral fabric. And painting a fresh new color on the walls. The windows are screen, so I think I might purchase a new screen door with some vintage touches to add a little country to my world. I have a collection of vintage watering cans and some ironstone pitchers. I want to install some shelves under the windows to display them. I love fresh flowers, so will use the pitchers to infuse some needed color.
Girls, just look at how much fun these true farm girl sisters are having! I can just imaging all of them together sharing a good old fashioned meal. Telling stories and copying new recipes. What a wonderful day that would be. Well, I am out the door to work the flower beds. Have a great week and take some time for fun!
(photos are from Mary Jane Farm website)



Tennis Girl said...

Gosh, Lorri. You memories of your Granny are very much like mine. I was at ther farm almost every weekend. We lived in town, but she and my Grandpa on a farm, so I had the best of both worlds. We would collect eggs, pick bean and snap them from the garden, etc. Had a wringer washer and took a bath in a big ole round galvanized tub. I have a pic of her hoosier cabinet on my blog that we used to make cookies and noodles on. I have it now in my home. Thanks for sharing your memories of your Granny.

Manuela@TPOH said...

Those all sound like great ideas! Especially planting herbs. I plant herbs in my flower gardens and flowers in my vegetable gardens. It's nice to mix it up!


Julie Harward said...

Your memories are a lot like mine..I could have written this! I just started taking this magazine too and i like it! Love the post below too and that darling bedroom with the boots! Thanks for the sharing! :D

Julie said...

Hello, Lorri! So glad I found your lovely farmgirl blog tonight! I love the Mary Jane Magazine, too--don't see it very often, though!

I'm your newest follower & will be back often to visit...

Hope you're having a wonderful night!

Barbara said...

Lori, Love the pictures of the little chics, you can always visit us here at the Bar H, we raise goats and have 6 dogs, 5 cats, ducks and two wild turkeys...a tom and a hen that have taken up hometeading in our yard.

So just come on over and there is pplenty to clean.