Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday News

Hope yall are having such a great day! We got up this morning and decided to go eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel. I just love the apple butter they have spread over some piping hot biscuits and with some smoked ham! YUMMMMY! We ate late and came back home to do a little yard work. Not my favorite thing to do on Sunday, but it has to be done. I am packing a few bags and taking off on a trip to Missouri!
I was so enchanted by my sister blogger Aunt Ruthie over at Sugar Pie Farmhouse that I just had to make the trip she blogged about a few months back. So we are striking out Wednesday morning and heading to St Charles MO. I want to visit all of the historical sites that we can squeeze in. We are going on up the road to Hannibal Mo to check out the 100th aniversary of Mark Twain. Ride on a riverboat and tour the caves that I saw on the visitor website. Then on the trip back we plan to stop in at Mansfield to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. I want to make a stop in Silver Dollar City, but not sure we can do all of this in a short amount of time. Girls, I just cant wait to visit the quilt shops, antique stores and try all of the delicious food they have to offer!
When we get back and rest up then I will get back to the yard work! I am planting some Hydrangeas this year. I just love the big blooms and the way they look in the summer. I love to dry a few and put them in white pitchers on the back porch.
Here are some beautiful Daffodils I found online. Love the bright yellow blooms that just shout out spring! Have a great week and I will see you when we get back. Take care!
(photos from photobucket)


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Old Centennial Farmhouse said...

OHMYGOSH! Have fun in MO...what fun! I cannot wait to see your pics and hear of your adventures, both in food and in fun!