Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you are having a great week. Tomorrow is Valentine's Day! I have many reasons to love this day. First of all, my youngest son was born on Feb 14th! He will be 18 years old tomorrow! I simply cannot believe that time has past so quickly. Phillip came into my life at 2 years old, he was found riding a trike late one night alone. Social services quickly came to the rescue and around 1 am, they called me to ask if we would take another foster child. He was quite the challenge, he couldnt talk..was starved.. and his parents were drug users. I will never forget how he looked when he arrived that night. Weighing about 17lbs, he looked like a refuge. Filthy and clothed only in a mens t-shirt, he was terrified and let us know it very loudly! After many months of working with him, he learned to talk, gained weight and became a normal little boy. 3 years later he was placed for adoption. There was no way he was going anywhere! He had such a hold on our hearts and we brought him home forever. He has been a wonderful child and it so very sweet and respectful! He has fears to this day, one of them that he might not make it to dinner on time, but everyday he improves and has grown into a wonderful young man. I cannot tell you how very proud of him that I am!

My second reason for loving Valentines day is that my daughter owns a florist and this is her busiest time of the year! Every mother wants her child to prosper and it is such a wonderful thing to know she does so well! I am also very glad I now have a full time job and cannot be there for the event. I used to go and help her out every year! It is just too stressful...LOL!!!

My third reason is that I have a wonderful husband! He took me out to dinner Saturday night and we enjoyed such a nice candlelit dinner, music and fun. Donnie is such a dear man and I am so lucky he came into my life. We are working on our 4th year of marriage and I couldnt be happier.

My 4th reason is that Downton Abbey is now on DVD!!!! If you havent seen this series run to your nearest Target and buy it!  My youngest daughter introduced me to this last year and what can I say we are seriously addicted! Right now it is on PBS on Sunday evenings, now into the second series it is a great Emmy award winning show. You will love it!!!!!

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Audrey said...

What a beautiful love story about your son. I so admire foster parents and adopting parents. It takes a very special person to open up your heart like that.
I too also love Downton Abbey. I guess I will be running to Target soon!!

Susan said...

Happy Valentine's Day. I'm glad that you were able to give a forever home to your son - happy 18th birthday to him!