Saturday, February 18, 2012

A Few of my Favorites Things

Every Saturday morning, I usually get up very early and read, make my grocery list and just get started on my day. It makes my weekend last longer. This morning, I am feeling very thankful for who I am and all the blessings God has given me. Over the years I have grown, become a little wiser, seen my greatest hearts desire come true and continue each day to feel very blessed by his presence in my life. I really do enjoy the simple things and want to give you a quick peek of things that really make me smile!
 I have a thing for hot homemade bread pudding! The kind with a whole stick of butter in it. I have experiemented for about a year to get this just right!
 This is my favorite room in the my house. I love my kitchen! I put on some music, drag out my kitchenaid and get to work, baking and making all of the goodies I have in my mind for the weekend. Did you know that I collect old cookbooks? Love them! There are always such great recipes in an old church cookbook. Women only submitted the very best!
 I love my backyard when it snows! I love the white crisp look of a blanket of fresh snow coating everything in sight. This only lasts for just a bit, afterall I do live in Texas!
 I love it when I get a new Williams Sonoma pan, I just want to bake a cake everytime. This one is called Elvis Presley favorite pound cake. There is a gob of butter in this one. But very yummy!
 I also love my backyard in the spring, it is one of my favorite times of the year. It is a time when we can really be outdoors, cook and eat outside before it gets too hot. After late June this is almost impossible due to the heat. The flowers start to look pretty bad about late July and that is when Im glad I planted lantana. It loves the heat and can grow in near desert conditions.
 I really love that my son in law came over from Ireland and made my daughter so happy! He is a musician and we love to have cookouts and listen to him sing and play! His parents are such great people and we cant wait for another visit. Allan's dad is a musician and even better than his son.
Oh, this is my favorite place in the world! Disneyworld is fantastic! Yep, I cant wait for another visit. I can just stand in the middle of main street and take it all in. Its the happiest place in the world.
 I love this little super guy! Logan has taught me that you can never and I do mean never turn your back on him for a second. My kitchen is his favorite room too! He has to drag out all of the pots and pans. Gets a spoon and pretends they are drums. I think he gets this from his Irish ancestors.
This is my favorite thing to just relax and spend the day with my best friend in the world. I never thought I would be a biker chic! Just goes to show you that we never know what life will bring us down the road!
Have a happy weekend!


Audrey said...

The things you love are some of the very same things that I love also! I enjoyed seeing the pictures of your yard in the winter and also in the summer. Very nice!

Jan's Blog said...

Just found it all... but especially the kitchen. I've been trying and failing with bread pudding for years. Any chance you would share your recipe?