Sunday, June 3, 2012

Thank You! And Other News.

 I would to like to express my deep gratitude to everyone who sent emails, prayers and encouraging thoughts my way this past month. It has been a difficult time for us and knowing there are wonderful people out there that lift you up in prayer is so appreciated.
We have been so busy and spending extra time with the grandsons lately. We have had two pool parties for all our grown children and spent past 2 Sunday's with them. It is always a lot of fun, but it sure does wear me out! Thank goodness for Chef Bryan, who contributes his talent to every meal. I dont know how we got along without him so long! He makes it all look so easy, and it always tastes incredible. The cafe he and Jennifer own is really doing well, I have been there a few times at noon and it is packed out. Im so happy that Texarkana Tx supports their business and keeps them growing. The above photo is my little Logan, he is growing up so fast! This was his 1950 look, love the hat! Below is my darling Jensen. He is my little man. Im convinced he looks just like me. Look at those fat little cheeks, yep they come from me! He is such a good baby and plays quietly, you hardly know he is around until it is time to eat. Then he sounds off quite loudly. I am very blessed to have them living close to me.
 I wont be able to post for a few weeks after today. I am taking a special independent study at the University to finish my BSN degree in August. Classes start Tuesday, so I will be tied up with school. We also sold our home last week and have to be moved out by June 22!! It is very short notice, but I can get it done. We made alot of progress yesterday and the movers will get the big stuff. Problem is, I have so much stuff! I really do not know why I have so many dishes. There are at least 4 different sets and many of them have all of the serving pieces etc. I have been trying to clear out some of my collection and give to the girls, but they can take only so much. The house we are moving into belongs to my husband and it had to have a total remodel. So in our spare time, we have been painting walls and cleaning it up. It has been sitting empty for a very long time. It is also stuck in a time warp of 1983 and really needed updates. I have had some new carpet and laminate floors installed a few months ago. The kitchen is the worst of all. The cabinets were still that light varnished look, but all worn out with ugly hardware and bright orange countertops! I never knew orange was in style. Trust me they are terrible! So my part of the deal, if I had to move into his house was a updated kitchen. Now I didnt go overboard at all. We painted the cabinets white, I added new hardware, bought a new gas stove and microwave combo and had the countertops refinished to 'look' like granite. The entire makeover was less than $2000.00 and it made a world of difference. The kitchen floors are still oak parquet which I would have love to replace, but I knew better than to ask. So I bought some new floor finish and 3 coats later it looks brand new! His house is about 1000 square feet smaller than this one, so I really have to cut the clutter and get creative with storage space. The bedrooms are tiny and all of my furniture is really large and bulky.  I am challenging myself to sell many things that I have hung on to for years. If I am not absolutely in love with a piece it has to go. One of my co-workers is coming over later today and buying 3 items from me, so feeling ok with that. They were not really special in any way. Well, got to get busy and cook breakfast. yall have a great week and will be back soon!

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