Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Sister on The Fly Trailer!

Here is a photo of my new trailer( this is a stock photo and not the actual trailer). I am planning a trip in a few weeks to go pick her up! super excited! Now, I have to decide on a theme and a name. I have had 3 vintage trailers in the past including a Shasta and two Serro Scotties. This is a 2009 reproduction of the Shasta trailers common in the 1960's. There were only  a little over 100 of them made. It is small enough to travel with the Sisters and large enough for me and hubby. THE most important feature of this little trailer is a bathroom! No more porta potty! And it has a shower, air conditioning, microwave, DVD player and a flat screen TV. We are going to Virginia to pick her up and while we are there a little detour to Monticello! I have always wanted to see Thomas Jeffersons home and this is my best chance. Wish we had time to travel on to Washington, but I can only take off a week of work. Ok gals, need ideas for a theme and a name! Any suggestions are appreciated! See ya soon.

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Christine said...

Oh My Goodness Lori!
I didnt even know they made a reproduction model...Luck You!
I am with you on the bathroom and conveniences...I didnt get to use my real/vintage trailer much this past summer cuz of the sure would be nice to have one with air'conditioning...
Can't wait to see the inside..I might go and take a sneak peak at a dealers site for them...
Thanks for sharing this post..
Let all of us see what you do to make it yours in the inside...ok?