Saturday, May 22, 2010

Summer Days Are Here!

Hello friends! What a busy week I have had. Today, we spent the majority of the afternoon buying plants for the front flower beds. I wished I had some before photos to show you of the mess I inherited when I married last year! It literally looked like a jungle in the front beds. My wonderful step- son Mat, worked his magic and cleared it all out for me this past week. We leveled the ground added some more soil and paver's to make 4 smaller beds. Today, we planted an assortment of herbs, flowers and ground cover. I still need to add some architectural elements in and a little whimsy. But it is shaping up nicely. The bed closest to the kitchen is filled with rosemary, chives, thyme, dill,and lavender. I had some cute bunny's and added them in the mix with a vintage watering can. It looks like Peter Rabbit is right at home now!
Next weekend, will be canton week and I plan to take off for the day and shop for more ideas to bring it all together. The front porch has a huge wrought iron bakers rack sitting by the front door and I have added several old baskets, watering cans and clay pots to fill it up. I bought 3 hanging baskets today and they are situated across the front porch on hooks. I just cant wait to finish it and post some new pictures for you to see.
Hope everyone has a blessed weekend. We are spending our Sunday with dear friends for fellowship, just cant wait to visit with them all. Have a wonderful week!


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Donna said...

Canton is Huge now...Friends of ours are food vendors there and do extremely well...
Have a great week!