Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine Day!

Happy Valentine to my wonderful husband! He is such a doll. He surprised me this week with flowers at work. Then last night he took us out to a wonderful dinner. He invited my oldest daughter also, she is a florist and currently single. She makes the day special for all of her customers and he wanted to make sure she was included in the festivities. I thought that was such a wonderful thing for him to do. He is such a thoughtful person.
AND....Happy Birthday to my youngest son. He is 16 years old today! He is Valentine baby. Hope your day is filled with love and joy!

This is a photo of a book I am currently reading. If you are a true romantic, it is a must read. This is a historical novel about a very brave woman who lived in Texas in the early 1800's. I am reading it for my Goverment class. My aunt had this book and had told me many years ago how wonderful it was. But just have not had taken the time to read it. So glad that I am now getting the chance to enjoy it.

I am also reading Julia Child's cookbook. Tonight I will be cooking a roasted rump roast with vegetables and wine sauce. I cant wait to taste it. I love to cook and was so excited to get this book. It is such a classic and a must for any cook, beginner or advanced. Have a happy day and enjoy your loved ones. They make our life full and special and create so many wonderful memories for us to share!



Julie Harward said...

Lorri, thanks so much for coming to say hi and for your kindness, it means a lot to me. Happy Valentines day, and Happy Birthday to the 16 year old! What a sweet hubbie, glad you have had a good day...come say hi any time :D

aimee said...

happy valentines day. it was so nice of your husband to invite your daughter to dinner. i bet she felt sooo special and loved :) beautiful flowers.

littlehouse said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!