Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Prayers Needed

Good morning dear friends, it has been a long night. My husband's only grandchild(red head princess) and son were in a car accident last night. They were leaving the school when another car pulled out and hit them on the passenger side where Kim was sitting. She has suffered a broken ankle and multiple cuts and bruises. We praise God that she is alive and not seriously hurt. Matt has bruises and cuts, but nothing broken.
We had just gone to bed when my daughter rushed in to tell us a friend had texted her with the news. By the time we grabbed the phone, Matt was calling to inform us which hospital they were headed to. My husband rushed to the hospital and stayed until she was released about 3am this morning.
Please pray for a speedy recovery and that somehow God will provide more transportation. The car was old and used but paid for. Matt is a single dad raising his daughter and he took great pains to make sure it continued to run well. I know God always had a greater plan for us. I am always amazed at his constant protection, in every situation.
Have a great day and please watch out for the other driver!!



Julie Harward said...

Lorrie, I will say a prayer for her...thank goodness it wasn't worse. I'm hoping all will be well and everyone will be able to have a great Christmas. Love ya, Julie

Joanne Kennedy said...

Prayers for them will be on my prayer list. How sad. Thankfully they are going to be ok.

It's always much harder when things happen durning the Holidays.


the rusty cupboard said...

you have my prayers. thank God they weren't hurt any worse. take care

aimee said...

i will keep them in prayer for another car and fast recovery. thank the Lord they are home. people are in such a rush this time of year. ive seen so many cars go through red lights, cause they are trying to get to the next shopping center or a christmas party. it is just not safe.

Ree said...

Prayers heading their way!

Xoxoxxx Ree