Friday, October 16, 2009

War Eagle Craft Fair

Hi everyone! We are on vacation this week and enjoying the craft fair at War Eagle Mills in Eureka Springs Arkansas. Sorry the photos are little blurry. The wind is blowing and it is a little bit chilly as well.
In front of the store they have a live band playing bluegrass music for all to enjoy. We bought a CD. They are a very talented group of men!

I couldnt resist buying a few more cookbooks to add to my collection. Of course, I had to stock up on the the great biscuit mix. I had purchased some last year and it just didnt last long enough. Fortunately they offer a mail order catalog and will ship it right out. Dont cha just love Barbara Swell cookbooks?? Honey, they are the best. I just love reading about all of the old time recipes and kitchen lore she includes in each one.

There are 130K people here. I wanted to take some great pictures of the river, but couldnt get close enough to get a good shot. The river is really flowing. It has been raining here and it has turned off very chilly. The leaves are gorgeous! I think this has been the best year for foliage I have ever seen.

Thought this pumpkin was too cute! They are made from logs and the guy is using a chainsaw to cut them into shape!

Any guesses what this is? The tag said that it is a baby bed from Australia. The screens were to protect the babies from the dingos. They had it decorated with a large flower arrangment and it was too cute!
Well, I am off to see more of this wonderful old town! Cant wait to eat at the Local Flavor Cafe! We will be sightseeing tomorrow. We are having a wonderful time. I love this city!



Julie Harward said...

Hi Lorrie..I love the cook books and the log pumpkins...that looks like a lot of fun to go see!
Come say hi :D

aimee said...

how fun! so glad you are having a good time:)i love cook books too!

Nick said...

Hope you enjoyed the CD. I am the mandolin player for SpringStreet. We enjoyed playing for all the folks and visitors to War Eagle Mill.