Saturday, September 5, 2009

Childhood Memories

Growing up in the 1960's was a great time for me. I lived in a rural community on a farm with one sister. There were no other children around and did not even realize that other children lived in my small town! The first day of school was quite shocking as I walked in the classroom and discovered other kids.
My mother was a great seamstress and always made our clothes. Our toys were ordered from the Sears catalog. She made doll clothes for our new doll we would get each year and we always had lots of games. We entertained ourself for hours playing with them.

When we moved to a larger community, I was able to join the Girl scouts! I loved every minute of it. I sold cookies and earned badges to sew on my sash. I loved to figure out which one I would work on next.

One of my favorite items was a Suzy homemaker oven and washing machine. I got them when I was 6 years old and we just loved to pretend we were really cooking and washing. Lord have mercy! Just think, we were setting ourself up for a lifetime of it and didnt even know it then!
I have fond memories of visiting my Granny and helping her in the kitchen. She would always say "Lets stir up a cake!" and off we would go to make an angel food cake to go with the fresh strawberries we had picked that morning. She would let us pretend to sew on her treadle machine. We cut paperdolls out of the Sears catalog and stored them in cigar boxes from my grandfather. At night, we would sit out on the front porch and watch fireflies. We always managed to catch a few of them in an old mason jar. Every morning we would go out to the chicken coop and gather the eggs. We had a simple life. No cable ,video games or cell phones. We just had good old fashioned fun.
My grandfather was the best man in the world and he would come by and pick us up in his truck. We would go down to the pharmacy and have a coke float or maybe some peanuts and coke. It was always such a treat to spend time with him. He was more fun than anyone! He always carried a pocket full of quarters and would take his pocket knife out dig a hole in the sand. We would have a contest to see who could pitch the most quarters in the hole.
I can remember all of these things and wish life was once again that way. So happy that I have those memories to look back on. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday!



aimee said...

sweet memories. you have a great and safe holiday too.

Dana said...

I played with the same toys! I hunted down a suzy homemaker oven at an antique shop in Old Town Spring, Texas-it was only $18.00! It sits proudly in my laundry room.
What a fun post.