Thursday, July 30, 2009

Colorado Vacation

Last July we took a last minute vacation to Colorado. We flew out of Dallas Tx, landed in Denver and rented a convertable. We had the most wonderful time.
The weather was spectacular. Denver was a little warm, so we took off with the top down, wind blowing through our hair. We travelled on to Estes Park, where it quickly became chilly! The top went up pretty quick.

I loved the mountains. The air, the freshness, everything was so green.

There was still snow on the mountaintops in the park.

This was in Vail, Colorado. This bear was made out of hundreds of nails!

We saw elk everywhere!

We were eating at KFC and saw an elk just walking down the city street! Could not believe it!

The water was soooo cold.

Due to school this summer, we are not travelling anywhere. Hope you have enjoyed my trips I took last summer. We had some great times with our friends. We really love to travel and have some planned for next spring, but education comes first!



aimee said...

beautiful and so peaceful. you my friend have found another way to vacation. looking at last years vacation pictures and remembering all the fun you had sounds like a mini vaca to me :)

Jean Tuthill said...

Your pictures are beautiful, as I'm sure your memories are. I've been there and could not believe the beauty that is everywhere, I would love to go back again sometime. It sounds like you had a great time.