Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Day After

Another holiday has come and gone! I guess the older you get time starts flying by. It certainly does seem that way to me.
We had a fairly eventful year and I am praying this coming new year will be less stressful! 
Remember when it took forever for Christmas to finally get here? My sister and I used to mark the days on the calendar, making our lists, and trying to be good so that Santa would stop by and leave our gifts.
All of our children are grown now, so we look forward and count the days until our grandbabies come for a visit. We were not disappointed this year! Our daughter had an emergency appendectomy last week, so we had grandkids for days! I spent the morning, picking up toys, snippets of wrapping paper and tape stuck everywhere. I took the Christmas tree down at 2:30am this morning and took it to the curb. It had seen better days and I decided to buy another one for next year if I can get one on clearance. I still have some more decorations to take down and put away tonight, but I'm looking at them with a critical eye. I need to dispose of some things that are just not worth packing up another year.
I hope your holidays were wonderful and that you have a very blessed new year!

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