Sunday, April 29, 2012

A Small Finish!

  Hope you are having a great weekend! I havent done much of anything except work on this quilt for the new grandbaby. I finally put my dresden quilt aside to start another project for a little while. Besides time is getting away from me and if I dont get busy on baby quilts, I wont have any made when she arrives! I made this using 3 charm packs of A Walk In The Woods. I love Little Red Riding Hood, so thought it would make such a cute quilt.
Well, have a birthday party to get ready for! Have a great day.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Cookbooks

 I was so excited to find a copy of The Farmer'sWife cookbook at Sams last week! I could'nt wait to get home and find some free time to sit down and read through it.I have picked out a few recipes to try out this weekend.
  Gonna make some fresh strawberry shortcake using the Elvis pound cake recipe that I have. It is so good and sooo many calories. I see my my diet going out the window this week.
 I also picked up a copy of Pioneer Woman. This is her latest cookbook and has such wonderful recipes. If you have never been to her website take a moment to head over there and say hi!
 When I went out this morning my squash plants had blooms on them! Oh, I miss fresh squash! We planted 2 plants last year and had a glorious plenty, but planted four this time to share with the kids and people at work. My little 2x12 garden space is just right.
 I have repotted many of my plants and herbs in the past few weeks. The petunias are going crazy and was happy to see all of most of them coming back from last years pots. I planted some more cilatro and lavender this year. A few pepper plants and a tomato plant and I will be done.
Have a great weekend and enjoy this good weather!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

This Is Love!

This little man has stolen my heart!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Ready to Quilt! Finally

 I know everyone is tired of this quilt top! I have been working on it since February and just finished the borders today. I really want to hand quilt this one, but it will take me forever to finish it. I am thinking I may take it to the church ladies to work on. They quilt for the public at a reasonable price.
I have several more projects in the works and that will free me up to finish them. This entire quilt is machine pieced, hand applique, 50 blocks, Ruby fabric. I really enjoyed the process and learned a few new skills!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone has had a very blessed day and enjoyed their families today. My grandkids had an egg hunt this afternoon at my house. But it has been very quiet otherwise. My husband has been in Alabama all week hunting turkeys. So I have been sewing and cooking all weekend. I have really enjoyed the free time and a chance to get caught up on my chores. I still have not finished my quilts ,I decided to enlarge the Dresden plate to a queen size. I made 25 more blocks and just finished appliquing them today. I plan to finish sewing them all together this week and start quilting next weekend. Since I have 4 projects started and none of them finished. I am not going to allow myself to start anything else! It is so tempting to join in on all of the many projects out there in blogland! But with work and school it leaves me little time right now to work on my quilts. I am so amazed at the women who can post all of these projects every week. Well, maybe jealous is more like it, I would love to have enought time in my schedule to complete several projects a month.
Have a great week !