Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Is there anything in the world cuter than a little boy exploring outside?? Logan went to the pumpkin patch this weekend and had a blast. He sorted through big ones and little ones and made his selection to take home with him. It is so much fun to watch him enjoying the outdoors!


For over 3 years, I have needed to have a knee replacement. I have put it off for many reasons.

1) I'm not old enough to have a knee replacement

2) I really hated the thought of a mile long scar down the front of my beautiful leg! (Y'all, its the only part of my body that looks good)

3) I have been in surgery and know what they really do to you while you are asleep.

4) I just cant take the time off to have this done.

Well, in the past 6 weeks, my joint has deteriorated to the point that I could no longer walk and lived in constant pain. I finally had to make the decision to have this done. I have had to accept the fact that I am old enough and I can always look at pictures to remind my grandchildren that I did have great legs once upon a time. And of course, now that I can't walk due to pain, there were no more conservative options.

This past Monday, we drove to Dallas and had it done. I am now at home, going to therapy 3 times a week. The pain is awful, I really thought I was tougher than this! I mean, I have had natural childbirth more than once! Everyone kept telling me its not the same kind of pain. Well hello!!! They got that part right. Its far worse than I could have imagined. I kept thinking prior to surgery, that I would have all this extra time to cook, work on recipes, sew and do some things I haven't enjoyed in a while. So far, I have been able to hobble from room to room on a walker, ya know one of those metal things with the glow in the dark tennis balls! I have this lovely pair of ted hose that I have to wear for 6 weeks, day and night. And a massive incision down the front of my leg. Fortunately, my surgeon did use sutures instead of staples, to preserve my vanity and explained that vitamin E oil would help to diminish the scarring. Then, he told me the exciting news that since I am so young, I will require another one before my lifespan is over. Sitting here, I am wondering why did this happen? Is it because of my chosen field of work? Is it because I always walked so fast? My mother, has never had this problem. In fact, I am the first person in our family to have this done. My sister works on her feet all day, of course she stands and never walks. Whatever the reason for it, it is now done and am in therapy to try and regain as much use as possible. I am seeing a picture of Maxine, the crabby old woman on a walker with glow in the dark tennis balls in a housecoat. Yep, that is me right now. Off to therapy I go, the youngest one sitting in the waiting room wearing thick white hose!


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andsewon said...

Oh Dear. Sort of wish I had not read this post. I am to have one in Jan. Yes I too feel too young but suffer with psoritic arthritis.Left will come later as not as bad now. Sometimes I feel like an 80yr old till I see a spry 80 yr old then just feel bad period!;-)
Hope you are all better now!