Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wedding Pictures

Beautiful cake and shiny silver, the table was so pretty

My husband with his best pal.

This is my younger daughter Kristy and our new grandson Logan

This is Bryan cooling his heels, waiting on ceremony to begin. I think he was a little nervous

Here is Logan giving his new uncle advice on how to handle aunt Jenner when she gets out of control. Just drool all over her and all will be fine.

Here is the lovely couple right after the ceremony. Arent they cute? Jennifer is my oldest daughter and owns a florist. Her groom is a chef. The facility was lovely, decorated by her and the menu was cooked by him. we had a great time!

The wedding was held outdoors in front of a historic home in our city. The reception was in the back yard.

We had a wonderful time, wishing them many years of happiness!


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glimpse of my world said...

hey there Lori, love the wedding... my daughter getting married July 3! stop over and see me having a give a way!!