Saturday, February 12, 2011

Red, Red Wine

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to pop in to say hello from Texas! We are having a wonderfully warm day and have spent much of it outside. We went to Pet Smart today and adopted a new member of the family named Sam! He is a border collie, about 2 years old. Sam is needing to be trained and although I have no experience with dog training, I think we can learn together. He seems to be wonderfully intelligent and already is learning to fetch and bring back. The bringing back was a little tricky, but he is getting the hang of it.

I wanted to share with you my new hobby. This spring I am taking a beginner's wine class. I cant believe how much I have learned. I really never liked red wine before this class, now I know why. I always poured wine into glass, and drank it, nasty!!! Wine has to breathe, it has to take time to mellow and let all the tannins evaporate. Then it is this incredible experience especially with chocolate! I am having a great time with 2 of my friends and learning something new at the same time. We have toured winery's before and although I loved white wine, just never got the red wine. But, I'm growing and expanding my horizons. Hope your having a great week.


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Francy said...

How fun!

Are the Tannins the part that causes headachs?