Sunday, December 26, 2010

Logans First Christmas

Logan has such a rough life, he spends the day entertaining his grandparents. Growing, eating,talking and making life so wonderful for those who are blessed to be around him.
In his spare time, he is a superhero! He has several costumes,but Superman is his favorite. He goes about doing good all day long. He makes complete strangers smile and lifts the spirits of everyone around him. Whew! Its tough being in demand so much of the time.

At night, he is just tuckered out. Mickey keeps him warm while he dreams of all the adventures he will have another day.
What fun we had yesterday! Our family is completely in love with this little squidgy, soft bundle of joy. He made our Christmas very special and certainly one to always remember! Enjoy your weekend.



Carol said...

What a darling little innocent Logan is!

Patti said...

Happy New Year! Hugs

Lois' Lifelines said...

I just came across you blog it. I too have a grandson who has me wrapped around his little finger.... Love looking at your blog... Thanks for sharing your life.

Farmhouse Country said...

How precious! I can see why someone so cute could make a christmas even better! God bless him!