Saturday, June 12, 2010

For Sale! Vintage Trailer

I am selling my 1977 Serro Scotty 10 ft trailer. It is a front kitchen model and the sofa makes out to a bed. It has lots of storage and even a real closet! New fridge, no toilet. Email me if seriously interested!



Terri Steffes said...

I emailed you.

Thirty-Six Ten said...

Oh I wish! I sooo want one of those! I have to wait until I have a place to put it! Ah someday.

Charlene said...

My friends daughter is looking so I will forward this to her. Good luck with your move. I saw the post about your new kitchen & you said there were comments about the 2 colors of cabinets... we have to work with what we have. Hubby & I are looking at a new travel trailer & the brand OUTBACK has a signature of wood tone & white cabinets. I really am not crazy about the two tone but, everything else is just what we want. So... I will make do or change it when I'm ready. Enjoy your new home.

sandbilly said...

Hi Lorri,

Is your trailer still available?


~Tonja~ said...

Do you still have this trailer? We are looking for one....