Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Dreaming Of A White Christmas

  I have been dreaming of a white Christmas for years! Unfortunately, this year will be no different than any other's. The weatherman is predicting that we will be in the mid 70's all next week!
 We love snow, but it does not stick around for long. The schools close in our part of the country at the first sight of a snowflake, grocery stores are rushed for bread and milk, and we make sure there is plenty of firewood to get through the storm. By the following day it's slushy and melts away, much to the dismay of school children.
  I found all of  these great snowy pictures on Pinterest. Just looking at them makes me smile!
 We have had only two white Christmas's that I can remember in my lifetime, but nothing like this.
 I hope you are having a great week. Be safe, enjoy family, and remember why we celebrate Christmas!

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